Biden Says Only ‘Lord Almighty’ Could Make Him Quit Race

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden recently made a bold statement, saying that only ‘Lord Almighty’ could make him quit the race. This declaration comes as he faces mounting criticism and scrutiny over his controversial comments and past actions.

Biden, who served as Vice President under Barack Obama, has been facing backlash over his handling of race issues, particularly his remarks about working with segregationist senators in the past. Additionally, he has been criticized for his role in the passage of the 1994 crime bill, which many argue disproportionately targeted communities of color.

Despite the criticism, Biden has remained defiant, stating that he is in the race to win and will not be deterred by the negative attention. In a recent interview, he said, “I’m not going anywhere. Only Lord Almighty could say I’m not in the race.”

This statement has sparked mixed reactions from both supporters and critics. Some believe that Biden’s determination to stay in the race shows his resilience and commitment to his campaign. Others, however, view his refusal to acknowledge the concerns of voters as a sign of arrogance and entitlement.

In a time when the Democratic field is crowded with candidates vying for the party’s nomination, Biden’s steadfastness could either solidify his support or alienate potential voters. With the first primary debates quickly approaching, it remains to be seen how his comments will impact his standing in the polls.

As the race for the Democratic nomination heats up, Biden’s declaration that only ‘Lord Almighty’ could make him quit serves as a reminder of his unwavering determination to win. Whether this determination will ultimately lead him to victory or defeat remains to be seen. Voters will have the final say in the upcoming primaries and caucuses, determining the fate of Biden’s presidential aspirations.